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Join us and delve into the wonderful world of Doorstops as you explore our website and discover delightful door stops, door wedges and draught excluders to suit any décor and taste.

At The Doorstop Shop we feel doorstops aren’t just for keeping doors open, they are style statements which make attractive home accessories and add a unique touch any room. We also believe doorstops should be as pretty as they are practical and we are pleased to offer an extensive range of stylish and contemporary doorstop designs, including our super selection of Animals Door Stops and a variety of charming doorstoppers, door wedges and draught excluders.

Doorstops make wonderful new home, wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts; whether you are looking for a door stop, draught excluder or door wedge, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect door stopper.

A-door-able or what?