About us

When is a door, not a door? -

- When it’s a jar, of course.

The Doorstop Shop was founded over a decade ago by our parent company, Carousel (which, as chance would have it, at that time, also happened to be our parent's company).

As you may have guessed, here at The Doorstop Shop, we specialise in ajar doors, or, rather, the nifty little contraptions that keep them ajar, in other words: Doorstops. 

Created in 2012, the Doorstop Shop was established when it came to our attention that the doorstop cateogry on www.carouselshop.co.uk was completely out of control, and we had somehow amassed a collection of over 100 unique doorstops, to the point, it had also become a running joke with our main supplier of doorstops that they could sell us ANY doorstop.

In fairness to them, this claim wasn't entirely brazen, as, at that time, the majority of the door stops they were importing resembled adorable, cuddly toys, with jolly, characterful faces, and, who on earth, in their right mind, could leave a furry faced, miniature animal (doorstop) behind in a big cold warehouse?

So it was, The Doorstop shop was lauched, and now all our loveable doorstop friends live with us, waiting patiently (and sweetly) to find a new home with you.

Labradoodle dog sat next to labrador doorstop
And, speaking of new homes, if you think about it, doorstops make the most amazing new home gift; much more practical than a plant, plus they don't require any watering.

No problem if you're into plants though - we have a super selection of botanical and floral doorstops.  We even have a cute little gnome doorstop!

Plus there's dog doorstops, cat doorstops, fox doorstops, tartan doorstops, stripey doorstops, wooden doorstops, metal doorstops.

The list goes on. (Remember, we never leave a door stop behind)

In fact, we like to think we have a doorstop for everyone, for every occasion and for every room.

Whether you're an animal lover, a beach bum or a home body; whether you dig colourful decor, neutrals or monochromes; no matter if it's a child's nursery, a hallway or a bedroom with a door that needs propping open, we are here: your one stop shop doorstop shop.

Our door is always open - Come on in and take a look.