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88cm Pug Draught Excluder | Plush Fabric Dog Shaped Door Draft Excluder - Brown

88cm Pug Draught Excluder | Plush Fabric Dog Shaped Door Draft Excluder - Brown

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BROWN PUG DRAUGHT EXCLUDER | Say goodbye to chilly draughts while welcoming a delightful touch of character into your home with our charming brown pug draught excluder! Crafted with care from plush fabric, this adorable accessory is not only a functional necessity but also a whimsical addition to your decor

STYLE AND FUNCTIONALITY COMBINED | Our brown pug draught excluder doesn't just block out draughts; it brings warmth and charm to any space it inhabits. Whether stationed by the door or nestled against a window, it effortlessly infuses your home with a cosy, inviting atmosphere

ENERGY-EFFICIENT COMPANION | Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our draught excluder plays a practical role in keeping your home snug while helping to reduce heating costs. By effectively sealing out draughts, it ensures your home stays comfortably warm without wasting energy

DRAUGHT EXCLUDER | Our draught excluder combines style with functionality, boasting a soft plush fabric and an obedient posture. Not only does it keep out the cold, but it also injects personality into any room

PERFECT FIT | Measuring 88cm in length, our draught excluder is designed to fit most doorways perfectly. It's a simple yet effective solution for keeping your home free from draughts, without compromising on style

Who said draught excluders have to be dull? Our playful pug design adds a dose of fun to your decor, making it a conversation starter and a beloved addition to your home

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