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Chunky Round Black Doorstop | Stainless Steel Rubber Door Stop with Bumper - 9cm

Chunky Round Black Doorstop | Stainless Steel Rubber Door Stop with Bumper - 9cm

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DOORSTOP | Protect your floors and doors with the gentle touch of our doorstop. The rubberised bottom safeguards sensitive floors from scratches and marks, while the rubber ring around the doorstop prevents damage to doors, walls, and furniture

NON-SLIP DOOR STOP | This doorstop is designed to stay put. Equipped with a rubber base, it provides a firm grip on various surfaces including carpet, tiles, laminate, vinyl, wood, and more. Say goodbye to doors swinging shut unexpectedly and enjoy the convenience of a door that stays open when you need it

ROBUST AND RELIABLE | Built with durability in mind, our chunky round black doorstop is made to withstand daily use. Its robust stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting reliability, providing a dependable solution to keep your doors in place

DOOR STOPPER | Designed to fit discreetly at any door, this doorstop adds a touch of style to your decor. Its minimalist aesthetic complements modern, traditional, and eclectic styles alike

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT | With a weight of 1kg and a compact size of 9x8cm, this doorstop's sturdy build and weight ensure it remains stable and effective without obstructing doorways

Our chunky round black doorstop combines durability, style, and practicality. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a powder-coated black finish, it’s designed to fit seamlessly into any interior. The heavy-duty doorstop weighs 1kg and features a non-slip rubber base, making it suitable for use on various floor types, from carpet to wood

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