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Pack Of 3 Door Wedges With Hanger Hooks | Set of 3 Hanging Doorstop Wedges

Pack Of 3 Door Wedges With Hanger Hooks | Set of 3 Hanging Doorstop Wedges

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DOOR WEDGE SET | Our set of 3 doorstop wedges is designed to offer practicality and versatility for every corner of your home. Crafted with exceptional grip and durability, these door stoppers promise long-lasting performance

HANDY HANGING HOOKS | Each wedge comes with a hook that fits on a doorknob or hook for added convenience. No more searching for your doorstop - the wedge can be easily stored when not in use, saving you space and hassle

SUITABLE FOR ANY SURFACE | No need to worry about your flooring type - whether it's carpet, tiles, or wood, our door stops work seamlessly on various surfaces. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your doors are securely held open, preventing potential damage caused by swinging doors

TRADITIONAL DESIGN | Bid farewell to annoying door slams with our traditional door stoppers. Their simple yet effective design allows for effortless placement under any door, ensuring it stays firmly in place without any fuss

SPACE-SAVING SOLUTION | Measuring approximately 13cm, our doorstop wedges fit seamlessly under any door without taking up unnecessary space

Enjoy a cool and breezy home without the annoyance of doors slamming shut on warm days. Keep your door open and secure with our door wedge set

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