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Woodland Flora & Fauna Fabric Draught Excluder For Doors - 94cm

Woodland Flora & Fauna Fabric Draught Excluder For Doors - 94cm

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DRAUGHT EXCLUDER | Keep pesky drafts from entering your home with this fabric draught excluder, lovely natural colours, high quality fabric and print, ideal to keep draught at bay and make your home a little more cosy and welcoming

DOOR DRAFT EXCLUDER | Features a charming woodland print filled with flora and fauna. Ideal draught excluder for any doors in the home, this handsome draught excluder will complement a wide range of home decor styles

PERFECT DOOR DRAFT STOPPER | Measuring 94cm in length these handy draught excluders are the perfect, simplest way to conserve energy and reduce your heating costs

DRAUGHT EXCLUDER FOR DOORS | Bring nature into your home and keep it extra cosy with this lovely fabric draught excluder

DRAUGHT EXCLUDER HOME DECOR | Practical and decorative all in one. The draught excluder has a loop on the top to allow it to be easily hung when not in use

Keep those sneaky draughts at bay with this attractive, door draught excluder

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